Get to know the local culture,
The history passed on for centuries,
The literary and musical art, the paintings and sculptures,
Soba noodles, oyaki dumplings, sake … countryside cuisine,
Get to know Nagano City more intimately, deeper,
Start your journey here.

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Beloved by local residents as "Joyama Koen", this park is the city's oldest and is dear to everyone's heart as it houses a popular zoo and the esteemed Prefectural Art and Higashiyama Kaii museums, as well as being adjacent to the venerable Zenkoji Temple. It is also convenient for accessing Nagano Station and the Togakushi highlands.


Get Closer, Go Deeper Tour

Get Closer through Encountering Locals

‘Get Closer through Encounters and Exchange’ Tour

Behind the historical places, beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine are the deep-rooted people that weave together Nagano City’s cultural fabric. Taking a listen to their words will give you a new perspective on the city.

Exchanging perspectives with a priest from one of the Shukubo temple lodges while strolling the precincts of Zenkoji, listening to an actual sake brewer while sampling the wares … Deepen your appreciation of Nagano City by having a local guide you.

Get Closer, Go Deeper Tour

Get Closer through the Regional Cuisine

‘Get Closer Through Food’ Tour

Finding pleasure through discovering delicious food – that in itself makes for a perfect trip. Nagano City’s cuisine is of course tasty but the region’s climate and water, history and more are stewed together by local chefs and condensed into its unique culinary heritage.

Experiencing the region’s deep-rooted cuisine is a chance to widen your horizons and create vivid memories.

Sake and buckwheat soba noodles, Buddhist vegetarian Shojin cuisine … Deepen your understanding of Nagano City by indulging in its food.

Get Closer, Go Deeper Tour

Get Closer by Immersing in Culture

‘Get Closer by Interwoven History and Art’ Tour

From shocks that will rock your senses to serenity that will calm your feelings, with an open-heart Nagano City’s world of history and art will give you a variety of inspirations. By feeling the living and breathing culture of the land you will give you a more profound fulfilment.

From Togakushi’s esoteric mountain worship to Zenkoji Temple being unbound to any one Buddhist sect, various religious traditions have been molded together by Nagano City where a deep spiritual journey awaits you.

Plan List

  • Tour Togakushi and the National Treasure Zenkoji Temple by Luxurious Taxi

    Tour Togakushi and the National Treasure Zenkoji Temple by Luxurious Taxi

    An invitation for a Lavish Tour
    Indulge yourself by touring Togakushi and Zenkoji Temple in a chauffeured Toyota Alphard van.
    For this tour, guests will experience the spiritual wilderness of Togakushi and the historical grandeur of Zenkoji Temple as well as a visit to a sake brewery. The length of the tour can be tailored to your needs. Enjoy a glamourous outing by being taken around in a luxurious Alphard van.

    Per Vehicle


  • Savor Japan’s Temple and Traditional Culture and Cuisine through the “Zenkoji Experience and Shukubo Lodging Tour”

    Savor Japan’s Temple and Traditional Culture and Cuisine through the “Zenkoji Experience and Shukubo Lodging Tour”

    With the goal of gaining a deep understanding of Nagano’s Zenkoji Temple which boasts a history of close to 1,400 years, start with a half-day group tour including a private fire-burning offering and a thorough explanation by a knowledgeable guide. Then experience a meal at a traditional Shukubo (temple lodging) including dining on the regional cuisine and imbibing in the local sake.

    Per Person



    6~12 years old


  • Walking Tour of Zenkoji Temple Guided by a Priest, With Buddhist Shojin Vegetarian Meal

    Private Tour by a Zenkoji Temple Priest
    “Walking Tour of Zenkoji Temple Guided by a Priest, With Buddhist Shojin Vegetarian Meal”

    Special experience of a private walking tour of National Treasure Zenkoji Temple with an actual priest for a guide.
    This walking tour is attended by the Reverend Yamanoi, the top priest of Gyokushoin Shukubo (temple lodge).
    The Rev. Yamanoi is certified by the sports maker Mizuno as a Walking Instructor. Besides being a priest of Zenkoji Temple, he is also an expert in walking. With the majestic Zenkoji Temple as a stage, the Rev. Yamanoi will take guests on a remarkable walking tour. He will also explain the proper way pilgrims approach the temple while teaching the healthy benefits of walking. It is a chance to experience the history and beauty of the National Treasure that is Zenkoji Temple. Furthermore, the Shukubo will prepare a Shojin-style lunch which will introduce you to Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Through culinary culture as well as art and history, this program will nourish both your spiritual and physical health. Enjoy this special experience of National Treasure Zenkoji Temple.

    Per Person

    25,000JPY 〜 75,000JPY

  • Mind and Body: Retreat with Shukubo Yoga

    “Yoga, Meditation, Shojin Vegetarian Cuisine” Retreat for your heart and body at a Shukubo Lodge

    Zenkoji has 39 Shukubo temple lodges, each with a head priest that in service of the Nyorai deity enshrined in the temple’s Main Hall. The lodges maintain tradition and provide a tranquil place, each with its own unique characteristics and ambience in greeting guests.
    It is at one of these Shukubo, Gyokushoin, where utilizing its wonderful location yoga and Buddhist Shojin vegetarian lunch will take place.
    Refresh both the mind and body by first physical stretching with yoga followed by cleansing the inside of your body with a vegetarian “Shojin” lunch.
    After the morning program ends, participants are welcome to pray at Zenkoji Temple or explore the neighborhood and sake brewery.

    Per Person


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